Illegal trespass and destruction of private property

  and the Pacific Crest Trail


March 2016

Go KRATTIGER #21 !!  It is admirable to loyally support a family member who races dirt bikes.   But wearing that jacket with their name and number while joyriding on the Pacific Crest Trail is not only tacky, but shameful.





 December 2015

After winning a Bronze Metal in the 2012 X-Games, Cory Graffunder's career took a nose dive, along with his integrity.  The individual below thinks nothing of joyriding the Pacific Crest Trail in Kern County for amusement. He couldn't care less that his irresponsible behavior not only damages the trail, but also threatens the safety of hikers and equestrians.  We're sure sponsors will not be pleased with his representing their products.  Someone owes Kern County an apology.





March 11, 2015

Southern California dirt bike racer Chris Swanson loves to fly high wearing his AXO pants and funky blue polyester Spiderman jersey. But Swanson is no  superhero when he rides his dirt bike on the Pacific Crest Trail. Chris, is that you or your evil twin?








February 11, 2015

Camarillo dirt bike racer Kevin Murphy has shamed his sponsors and embarrassed his Kern County fans by joyriding on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Kev the Rev was easy to identify, largely because of that roguish grin, poor fashion choices, and his propensity to wear the same clothes over and over.







January 19, 2015

Dirt biker sends email to ORV WATCH threatening PCT hikers, presumably those with cameras. Typical of bullies, the email is anonymous with poor spelling.

"From: Masudabanban <masudabanban@yahoo.com>
To: "cowkerncounty@yahoo.com" <cowkerncounty@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, January 19, 2015 9:06 PM
Subject: Get a life

Just from what I have seen on your website you are a completely worthless ignorant closed minded dumb ass. You have no idea what your talking about. You don't understand the difference between riding legally and illegally. Your a typical old closed minded Tehachapi resident who has nothing better to do then harass dirt bike riders. We are going to continue to ride and dumbasses like you aren't going to stop us. Hope to see you on the trails one day. You will sure regret it.



January 19, 2015

The Code of (Mis) Conduct

Glen, a member of the Kern Recreational Land Owners Association, was seen riding his dirt bike on the Pacific Crest Trail with a buddy. They rode through posted private property after which they spent a bromantic afternoon gutting closed BLM land in the Tehachapi Mountains with repeated hill climbs.





July 16, 2014

Can someone please help Chris find his way home? Chris said he rode his dirt bike all the way from Lake Isabella to Tehachapi without going on a paved road. The reason why he drove around 'No Trespassing' gates and fences and through 'No OHVs' signed property is that, "I can't find my way home."  How about a Money Bomb to buy Chris a map and a GPS? Sheriff's incident report submitted.



May 27, 2014

Bob Burd is an unethical adventurer. He takes folks on hiking & driving tours even if the tour involves deliberate trespass through signed private property and areas closed to mechanized vehicles. Call law enforcement if you see this bad apple crawling around where he doesn't belong.


Here is a photo of Bob Burd's SUV. Be on the lookout for this roving serial trespasser.


 May 6, 2014

An anonymous tipster identified the dirt bike in the photo below, as allegedly belonging to Victorville chiropractor Dr. Edward L. Korthuis.   If Dr. Korthuis himself is joyriding on the PCT in this image, he needs a serious adjustment--an attitude adjustment. Information has been submitted to Law Enforcement for verification.




May 3, 2014

Shame on Motobandits Motorcycle Club for putting fake 'Open Route' stickers over official BLM 'Closed Route' stickers. Honest dirt bike riders will lose their riding opportunities because of you.


March 22, 2014

Steven Weinmuller and Mark Halyak's high wheeling Bromance is rudely interrupted by Law Enforcement officials.


March 22, 2014

Sullen Steven Weinmuller takes a drag off his cigarette while getting busted for dirt bike trespass in the Tehachapi Mountains. Weinmuller and Halyak give Off-road sports a bad name.


March 22, 2014

Mark Halyak laughs it up with law enforcement while getting busted for dirt bike trespass in the Tehachapi Mountains. Halyak enjoys harassing rural residents instead of riding his dirt bike responsibly.


March 1, 2014

What are two nice Jewish boys doing in a place like this?

According to rural Tehachapi residents, Yosef Moshe and Amihud Haran, both inland empire businessmen, were allegedly joyriding their dirt bikes on signed private property and on ranch land in a private community. The entrance to the community is well-signed with No Trespassing signs. These two also reportedly trespassed through a Wind Farm where fencing had been cut.

If this is true,shame on you klumnik khazers. You wouldn't want dirt bikers trespassing in your Shtetl, would you? Your Bubby will not be proud of your behavior.  Incident Report submitted to Kern County Sheriff's Department.


February 8, 2014

Bakersfield Mayor Harvey Hall will not be happy to learn that Hall's Ambulance Paramedic Brad Quintana is digging up an out-of-town property owner's land to create his own personal dirt bike playground. Neighboring Tehachapi residents complained about noise and nuisance created by Quintana and friends. The owner of the property is disgusted to learn that his property is being abused by Quintana in his absence. Kern County Sheriff's Report is in process.



What goes up, must come down, Paramedic Quintana, and that would be you.


October 2013

While United States Military Captain Ryan Voznick was out celebrating his recent promotion, someone borrowed his dirt bike, helmet and clothing, and rode illegally down the Pacific Crest Trail.  Voznick, a patriot, would not want to shame his superiors and his country with lawless behavior, would he?  To Army men and women in uniform who respect our public lands: Hoorah!


October 2013

This young man was joyriding on the Pacific Crest Trail with a Ryan Voznick look-alike. Details submitted to Law Enforcement.


 October 2013

These riders bullied past a volunteer PCT crew trying to repair the trail damaged by dirt bikes.


October 2013

Can this be Alan Holtrop, secretary for Lost Coyotes Motorcycle Club?  Impossible!  Alan would not want everyone to know he is a poor example of responsible riding. This man, wearing Holtrop's clothing and riding Holtrop's dirt bike, is filmed joy riding the PCT with several friends.  Details provided to Law Enforcement.



 October 2013

Mr. Kolb rides on the PCT with coworker. Captain Illegal is fired up for illegal riding.



September 2013

Posca Motorsports in Lancaster, California: A Business Gone Bad. 




August 11, 2013

$500 Reward leading to arrest and conviction of dirt biker joy riding on the Pacific Crest Trail in Kern County. He is believed to be a coworker of Mr. Kolb.  He has a "lazy" left eye. Recognize him? Contact ORV WATCH.



July 4, 2013

Photo submitted by PCT hiker in Kern County: A lawless dirt biker disrespects public lands & takes a joy ride on the Pacific Crest Trail.




April 2013

Trespassing off-roaders frolick in a protected Army Corps of Engineers riparian area closed to OHVs behind the Mojave River Dam.


April 2013

Off-roaders ignore signs prohibiting OHVs in this protected area, Juniper Flats, CA.




April 2013

Dirt bikers deliberately ride on a trail signed and reserved for hikers in Juniper Flats.



March 22, 2013

Cyber Threat launched at ORV WATCH. Cinebar, Washington man identified. SR#1308099. Lewis County Sheriff's Office notified.

"This is why I carry a gun when I illegal ride point a camera @ me I point my 45 right
back ive done it before ill do it again."



February 1, 2013

Busted!  "We can ride our dirt bikes wherever we want because, um, we're Search and Rescue."  Old West Ranch, Tehachapi, California.




January 2013

Rosamond: These dirt bikers reportedly left the road to recreate on signed private property, not their own.



January 2013

Juniper Flats: Dirt bikers ignore signs, and ride on trails reserved for hikers.

 November 2012

NEW ORV WATCH video is here: "Private Property Signs Won't Stop Us."

Watch your favorite Hall of Shame candidates and more:



September 2012

Security cam captures trespassing ATV rider, later identified as Andrew Cree of Tehachapi, as he looks for new riding and theft opportunities in the rural community of Old West Ranch.



September 2012

 ATV riders are caught on film leaving burglarized home.  Two children appear to be riding on an ATV with the suspect. Nice parenting skills, Dad.




September 2012

Andrew Cree, ATV-riding thief from Tehachapi, will be sentenced for burglary October 11 at Mojave District Court, according to Kern County Superior Court records.



July 7, 2012

 Reward: $1,200 for positive ID and arrest of trespassing ATV riders. Last seen in Tehachapi over the weekend, possibly staging on Umtali Road.

Call 661-878-7838 or Kern County Sheriff: 661-823-6060.

Reference SR12-18242

MAY 12, 2012


Local dirt bike racers RYAN JONES of Palmdale, Ca. and TANNER SAWYER, AKA, 'The Mojave Kid',  were observed illegally "tearing it up" on private property and riparian land in the Tehachapi Mountains.   'No Trespassing' signs clearly indicate that this private property is located in an ESA, an Environmentally Sensitive Area. 

Sheriff's report was submitted.


File Footage               Ryan Jones



File Footage                 Tanner Sawyer




APRIL 2012

Families frolic in sensitive Mojave Spillway riparian area, ignoring 'No Trespassing' signs while whining about 'greenies' and 'access'. 


Why not bring the kids to teach them to have no respect for public lands?


The Mojave Spillway is posted with 'No Trespassing' signs at every access point.


MARCH 24, 2012




                                         GEEZERS GONE WILD ON THE PCT                

                                                       SHAME ON YOU !


                                               DIRT BIKE STAGING AREA 



Busted for the second time on private property.  D'oh!



   MARCH 4, 2012  12:15 PM




  February 24, 2012

  Rogue Riders Trash the Pacific Crest Trail

  Do you recognize this dirt biker?













October 2011

I have a filthy mouth and I curse at women and children.


September 2011


September 24, 2011

Caught with three other riders on the Pacific Crest Trail and trespassing on private property while throwing trash out of a backpack.
Call if you can identify rogue racer #41

Rogue Racer biker #41
Two Rogue Riders
Scarred Pacific Crest Trail

September 2, 2011

Caught for the third time despite warnings. These joyriders passed six "no trespassing" signs to ride on private posted property. Reported to Kern County Sheriff's Dept.

adult ohv sticker
Green Sticker
Green Sticker
two trespassing riders
Rider trespassing
No Trespassing / Private Propery Sign

July 16, 2011

Mom on one quad with three people on another, caught trespassing on several private properties, riding around fences, passing six "NO TRESPASSING" signs. Official report taken by Sheriff's Deputy.

family riders trespassing

May 16, 2011

Family fun, trespassing on private property: posted with 3 signs per mile as required by law

Do you recognize these dirt bikers below?
Call Kern County Sheriff's Substation: (661)823-6060

Better late than never: These race numbers belong to Tim Staubs and Mark Davies. Four Aces MC says these riders have never been club members.  According to a current member, Four Aces MC does not promote riding dirt bikes illegally.

August 2010 / Four dirt bikers cited for trespass in the Tehachapi Mountains.
They passed no fewer than 13 'No Trepassing' signs!

01-10-2020:  Do you recognize these riders? WANTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT   
Please email cowkerncounty@yahoo.com to report

Do you recognize this riders gear, his colors? Do you know his name?
Please email cowkerncounty@yahoo.com to report

"We didn't know this was private property."

Natural barricade placed on trail to deter illegal dirtbikes.
In less than 24 hours dirtbike tracks rode through disregarding PCT signage.

"We're so sorry, we didn't see any signs."

SHAME ON YOU! Two dirtbikers stop near the PCT to look for a new route out,
as hikers were on the trail in their path -- filming them!

WANTED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT for destruction of Federal Property.  
If you recognize this lawless criminal, please email cowkerncounty@yahoo.com.

Warning! I am a trespassing biker who becomes verbally abusive when asked to leave private property.

"Where am I?"

If it's NOT yours, don't ride on it.

Kern County Sheriff's Off-Road Enforcement in Rosamond.

Lawless dirt bikers caught hauling toys by pickup onto private property.

Dirt bikers trespassing on ranch land deliberately fishtailing through a creek,
mudding what precious water is left for grazing cattle.

"Honest: we didn't see any cows."